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USAID: We don't know how many contractors we have working for us in Iraq

Baghdad Power Plant
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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has funded over $5 billion1 in Iraq reconstruction projects. Yet according to a July 10, 2007 letter2 in response to an ePluribus Media FOIA request, USAID has no idea how many contractors are working on the reconstruction projects it funds in Iraq.

Voter Suppression - Part I

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Voter suppression in America may have affected our last three Congressional and last two Presidential elections. The efforts uncovered so far have been aimed at suppressing minority votes or those who traditionally vote for Democratic political candidates. Have there been more? We don't know.

Analysis of Caged Data

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In contrast, in precinct 14G with a white population of 84.2%, there was 1 address caged from a population of 1874 registered voters, yielding a caging rate of 0.53 addresses per 1000 people over 18. Thus, the caging rate in "majority black" precinct, 07R, was 73 times greater than the "High White" precinct, 14G.