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Public eMails

Mark Johnston
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Another email within the Wooden public files contains 25 spreadsheets in comma-separated values (.csv) format. These files (24 of which can be opened) include 3496 names sorted by precincts in and around Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. None of them include the word "caging" in their filename and, indeed, they include telephone numbers and appear to catalogue responses to surveys, quite unlike the caging list files, which include information about when and why the names and addresses were "caged". Evaluating the ZIP codes contained within these .csv files shows addresses in 19 ZIP Codes within the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. Only 3 of the 19 ZIP codes had a Black population greater than 20%, whereas the total Fort Lauderdale Black population was 28.9%. Thus, the addresses identified in the .csv files from were largely in ZIP codes with low Black concentration. Only 195 of the 3309 accessible addresses (6%) were in the ZIP codes with a Black population less than 20%. The ZIP code corresponding to Plantation Florida, 33211, was included in the .csv files.

Another .xls attachment, "Douglas County Voter Fraud Master Spreadsheet.xls", includes 21 names in Douglas County, Nevada.  This file includes a column "USPS KEY" that contains notations such as "NSN" (no such number) and "RTS" (Return to sender), indicating it to likely be a caging list from Nevada. Three files list churches or evangelicals in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Dallas County, Iowa. One .xls attachment outlines "poll-watching" plans in WashingtonState. Finally, 4 files concern contact efforts by GOP "get out the vote" teams in Colorado, Pennsylvania, BrowardCounty and Palm Beach, Florida. These latter files indicate contacts by phone calls or "door knocks" with 68,350 people.  In total, there are 72,045 total people identified or indicated as part of a statistic of "being contacted" in the email attachments in Wooden’s public emails on, but just 1833 unique names appear on the only lists that could reasonably be considered "Jacksonville caging lists." [See Sidebar 2 for list of the full inventory of the non-caging spreadsheet attachments]

Non-Public eMails

Of these, 9 are .csv files from Broward County, segregated by precinct and contain the same content structure as the other Broward County files described above. They appear to be polling responses to "get out the vote" efforts. Other files from the non-public emails related to caging are described in the text. There were no other lists that could reasonably be considered caging lists.