Polydactyl compiled a list of resources for those wanting to help in the Gulf Rebuilding.

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has a 36-year legacy of assisting moderate-to-low income families build stronger communities. ACORN's campaign and advocacy emphasis is on improving housing, schools, neighborhood safety, and access to health care. Since Katrina, ACORN has provided support structures for the demolition and rebuilding of otherwise neglected neighborhoods and acted as a community advocate in the reconstruction planning process.

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Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch is a project to document and investigate the rebuilding of the Southern Gulf States in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Part watchdog, part clearinghouse, Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch produces surveys on the state of post-Katrina/Rita demographics, housing, economy and employment, education, healthcare access, and hurricane readiness along with reports on the status of federal rebuilding contracts, the criminal justice system and environmental impact. Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch is a project of the Institute for Southern Studies. a non-profit research and education center.

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The Tipitina's Foundation has long supported the music and artistic community in New Orleans with internships, business mentoring and free workshops. Post-Katrina, the Foundation has provided housing assistance, replacement instruments and monetary support to New Orleans musicians who were displaced by the storm. Through local and national fundraising, the Tipitina's Foundation will soon donate $500K in new band instruments to 11 local schools opening this fall. Continued support of the Tipitina's Foundation will ensure that projects like these and the Music Office Co-op can continue.

Tipitina's Foundation:

Tipitina's Foundation Hurricane Relief

Tipitina's Music Office Co-Op

Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund continues to focus on providing long-term relief and rebuilding resources to help the people of the Gulf Region reestablish their lives and livelihoods, by providing the grants and funding that people need to move forward fairly, quickly, and with integrity.

Hurricane-friendly buying-selling opportunities:

Missionfish, a subsidiary of eBay Giving Works is structured to allow non-profits to auction items, or sellers to donate and/or auction items with a percentage of the proceeds going to a specified non-profit.


Tipitina's @ Missionfish

Taylor Guitars has joined in the support of the Gulf Coast reconstruction with the issuance of a limited production line of special guitars&each has a mother-of-pearl "fleur de lis" inlay on the peghead. For each purchase, Taylor will donate $100 to the Tipitina's Foundation.