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Insecure at Last, Losing it In Our Security Obsessed World

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Eve Ensler is a feminist writer, a poet and playwright, best known for her earlier The Vagina Monologues, but whatever your view of the former -- whether you burned it after reading the first ten pages, loved it, or never even heard of it -- this book is a different kettle of fish. It is a clarion call by a poet and playwright for preserving those values which must triumph if humanity is to survive, "family values" that embrace the whole family of humanity.

The Stories They Tell: Iraq War Vets Bear Witness

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"Veterans Day" 11 November 2006

What Was Asked of Us by Trish Wood New York: Little Brown and Company 2006

"There is also a heroism in telling the unvarnished truth about war" (p. xx). 

Listening is a good place to start any dialogue, especially one as controversial and grave as war. "Invite veterans to speak about their experiences in serving the country," said President Bush in a speech at Maryland's Thomas Wootton High School. "[They] show us the meaning of sacrifice and citizenship, and we should learn from them."

The Corroding Effect

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Flashback: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide and the Lessons of War; by Penny Coleman (Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 2006)

Author Penny Coleman is baffled. How is it that in a mere 30 years' time we've forgotten the lessons of the Vietnam War? We seem to be suffering from a strain of national amnesia, where we casually approve of going to war without adequately considering the burdens it will place on our troops, their families, our communities, and the fabric and future of our nation.