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Products of the ePluribus Media collaborations appear on the ePluribus Media Journal.

ePluribus Media Journal

The original stories, articles, interviews and reviews that appear on the Journal start as either a submission to the ePluribus Media editors or as investigative tip.

ePluribus Media researchers, using publicly available information, and often working with a writer, pull together a story. Once a draft is ready, an editor is assigned who works with the main writer/or researcher to help shape the story and more importantly, determine if the story has merit.

The completed draft is sent to the fact checking team, who challenge assertions, doublecheck facts cited and links, working from publicly available information or, in cases of interviewed sources, the reporters' notes. After the fact-checking is completed, the writer/editor resolves the fact-checking questions and the piece is sent to a copy-editor who edits the article in accordance to The Chicago Manual of Style and the AP Stylebook and Libel Manual guidelines.

Contributors to the Journal

Although volunteers, the writers, editors, fact checkers and production crew have professional experience (academic and for profit): jurying scientific journals; authoring books, articles, and news reporting; researching as journalism students, librarians, scientists, and citizens; and editing for magazines, journals, corporate communication materials, books, and newspapers.

ePluribus Media Community

( is an archived scoop-powered site providing open forums for community discussion about propaganda, citizen journalism, ethics in journalism and other topics of concern. What you post on the ePluribus Media Community is considered your own personal work, not ePluribus Media's. However, as a community, we strive to further responsible research, writing, and journalism standards and encourage all posters to adhere to these tenets. See the Toolbox and the Citizen Journalism sections for examples and more information. The current community site can be found here.