Iraq, Contingency Contracting and the Defense Base Act

Susie Dow
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Iraq, Contingency Contracting


Iraq contractor. Those two words evoke different reactions fromdifferent people. For the families of the contractors who have beeninjured, kidnapped or killed as a result of simply doing their jobs,there's a much more pressing concern than public opinion: insurance. In early 2005, Susie Dow became aware that a civilian contractor, Kirk von Ackermann, was not covered by "insurance" when he disappeared in Iraq on October 9, 2003. She sought to find out why. The story that follows is based on research, interviews, correspondence, documents, emails, and phone calls over a two year time span. The first part of this series traces how the lack of adequate insurance coverage impacted families already suffering the deaths or uncertainty surrounding the status of their family members serving in Iraq or Afgahistan as civilian contractors. Part II concentrates on why the appropriate Defense Base Act clauses that could have made a difference went "missing in action." Part III focuses on the lack of information, training and access to low cost coverage for contractors based overseas. Susie Dow has followed the Missing Man story since February 27, 2005. Her first ePluribus Media story One Missing, One Dead; An Iraq Contractor in the Fog of War, follows the tale of two American civilian contractors.