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Voter Caging: Is this Tool still in the RNC Arsenal?

Voter Caging
ePluribus Media has identified three individuals working within the Republican party's 2004 election apparatus who may have been party to what some have alleged was a ballot security program also known as "vote caging." Shawn Reinschmiedt, Christopher Carr and Rich Beeson have received less attention than Tim Griffin has on this issue. The three, also party to emails identifying voters who could be challenged during the 2004 elections, have recently been appointed to key RNC posts. This movement of RNC troops should be noted and followed.

The 2004 Caging Emails

Shawn Reinschmiedt and Tim Griffin were both on the email distribution list where challenge lists were discussed and sent to RNC officials during the 2004 election. Rich Beeson was the recipient of an email from Christopher Carr containing a caging list.

Reinschmiedt was a Senior Research Analyst for the RNC. He was copied on the August 26, 2004 email sent by Kelly Porter of the Republican Party of Florida, to Tim Griffin with the "caging list" attachment that ePluribus Media analyzed as part of a recent article __Voter Suppression.

Reinschmiedt was also a recipient and contributor to email discussions about the creation of lists for possible voter challenges in Ohio and other states, including Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Mexico. Members of the Ohio Republican party (OhioGOP), Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign officials and other RNC officials were among those included in this email exchange.

The emails (see Exhibit 1, District Court of New Jersey, Civ. No. 81-3876) were included in a 2004 suit in the U.S. District of New Jersey. In this suit, voters in Ohio took the RNC back to court in New Jersey to argue that their plan to challenge voters in Ohio violated the (DNC vs. RNC) Consent Decree of 1982 and 1987 Amended Consent Decree. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the District Court noting "...the emails between the RNC and Michael Magan for the Ohio Republican Party, Exhibit 1, show collaboration and cooperation between the RNC and the ORP."

During this same time period, Chris Carr was the Executive Director of the Nevada Republican party. Carr forwarded an email on September 20, 2004 to RNC and Bush-Cheney campaign officials, including RNC Mountain Regional Director, Rich Beeson. The email was sent with a spreadsheet attachment titled "Douglas County Voter Fraud Master Spreadsheet.xls" with the names of 21 persons collected from "returned mail from Douglas County."

The spreadsheet attached to the Carr email matches the "caging lists" that were sent by members of the Florida Republican Party to Tim Griffin.

Where they are now

In the early part of 2007, Mike Duncan, Chairman of the RNC, announced new staff joining the RNC Communications and Political Teams.

Rich Beeson will serve as RNC Political Director.

Christopher Carr is the Regional Political Director for the Northwest.

Shawn Reinschmiedt is Director of Research and Deputy Director of Communications.

Note Shawn Reinschmiedt has filled the position held by Tim Griffin in 2004.

Senators Kennedy and Whitehouse sent a letter on June 18, 2007, to the Department of Justice "to request that the Department of Justice promptly investigate allegations that the Republican National Committee engaged in "vote caging" during the 2004 elections." While the status of this request is unknown, three individuals who potentially may be a part of such an investigation have been promoted to higher positions in the RNC.

About the Author: Standingup is a staffwriter and researcher for ePluribus Media.

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